. A 21 Day Journey with Kali Ma .

Online Solo Sadhana

A 21 Day Journey with Goddess Kali Ma!

It's a calling.  You will feel drawn to Kali Ma.  You will have a curiosity about this energy.  You may even feel compelled.  It's a bold journey.  It's breathtaking.  It's wild.  It's passionate.  And it's incredibly generous and even at times the sweetest most unbelievable loving experience.

You will receive 21 Daily emails filled with content, ritual, ceremony and guidance.

You can start tomorrow.  There's an option to get a Kala Mala to journey with and then you would start in 10 days.

It's Solo, (usually I run groups but I've been asked for this too many times to ignore and so here it is).  Your personal journey to do when it suits you. Commit to the 21 days, Commit to You.  You will adore it.

Choose your option below, if the email address you wish to receive the emails is different to your Paypal email address, make a note in the Instructions box in the payment point.  Also if you wish to start on a specific date, make a note there too.  Otherwise you will get your first email the day after your purchase.

You will need a journal/diary/notebook for the 21 days,
so grab one you have or get yourself a new one for the journey.

Jai Kali Ma.

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Kali Card wisdom from the
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