Nicole Phoenix Starr  ~  Durgaji NikStarr

Nicole Phoenix Starr is an ordained Hindu High Priestess.  A humble, down to earth woman.  
Her tantric guru gave her the name Durgaji on their first meeting.  Pronounced: Durr-gah-gee 
An extraordinary journey.  She has graced world stages, run events, immersions and retreats in many places. 
Everyone who meets her finds a part of themselves within her and her life story.  
A solo mother of three children who navigates life from the sacred in every moment.  
She has an online temple, runs womens groups online and does a myriad of other things.  
She has an eclectic community that is full of women just like you.  We call it, the Path of the Living God*dess.

There is so much to say..... please go to HerStory, grab a giant cup of herbal tea (or whatever you fancy) 
and settle in for a long read, it's worth it, you will be in awe of life and some.  

A catalyst for the awakened journey for thousands of people.  A gracious guide.  A wise woman. A leader.  A teacher.
There are no co-incidences, you are here as part of a soul contract.  The divine journey that is life continues to unfold!

Living God*dess 

Everything in these cards has come from a deep journey of awakening to embodiment and full integration of walking
the path of the Living God*dess.

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They are so potent and the words from the Wisdom Book 
will guide you directly from the God*dess.

These cards were created through the most incredible process.  
Ceremony was created and the deities were invoked for each card and the channelling was the most divine beautiful birthing.

A collaboration between Mother and Daughter. 
Nicole Phoenix Starr and Ruby Shiloh Starr bring to you, 
this gift of wisdom that will change your life.

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