Who Is Durgaji ?

Nicole Phoenix Starr is first and foremost a Priestess.  A courageous woman who shows up to whatever life presents.  The consequence has been profound.  Being called by Gurus to awaken her gifts.  She is an energy master, spiritual teacher and an awakened Goddess.
The mother of three children; her life is a commitment to the Divine.  
Durgaji, pronounced: Dur-gah-gee.  (One of her names given to her by Maharishi); intuitively guides those that come into her life.  Meeting the contract between souls sharing this human experience.  Her work is stunning.  Profoundly life changing.  She will hold you and guide you exactly to your souls highest calling.  She will give you a tangible experience of the divine.   Simply being in her presence shifts occur; whether you spend a few hours, a day or come on one of her Soul Journeys.  An activation will occur within  you.  If you feel called to her energy then she has something for you.  
Your soul is recognising a message you have been waiting for.

Doing work with Durgaji is not for the faint hearted.  You will be called to look at your Soul Contracts and be divinely guided to do the work to complete them.  
Your Soul Purpose.


Australia Sacred Sadhanas ~ 5 & 12 August 2017
5 August Brisbane ~ 1 day event 
13 August Sydney ~ 1 day event
These events are the only ones in 2017 in Australia.
A day of sacredness, ritual, ceremony and processes.  Click here to book your place. 

Soul Contract Online Temple September 2017
A Soul Contract journey is 3 months long.  It's an online program, daily work and weekly Zoom calls.  One on One, no group work.  It's a wild journey.  A massive step up.
Read more on the Online Temple page

Womb Wisdom & Moon Mysteries Online Sadhana Aug 2017
21 day Online Journeys are well loved and are a wonderful way to experience group work in a safe, powerful space.  You receive a daily email, we have 3 group zoom calls and have a private FB group to support and share.  Read more here.  

THE CASTLE Pop-Up Ashram, Europe ~ July 2018   
An inner journey in an incredibly stunning environment.  An ancient castle on a vast property where the trees speak and the soul remembers.  Numbers are very limited.  This is the inner journey that we have all been waiting for ..... IN A CASTLE...  Every little girls fantasy 
fulfilled.  Click on this Link to be put on the information list with updates.

~ Temple tradition of the God*dess ~

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    I have the privilege for the first time in my life to 'know stuff'.  And this is really profound for me, my extraordinary journey has been surprise after surprise and quite often rather stretching to the human capacity.  
    In April 2016 I was given this most delightful information.  

    I am on a very personal and unique journey from Priestess to High Priestess.  I'm currently deep in Brahman training and this are already looking much different to they did back in April.  I have already taken some initiations from my hindu mentors and have a ceremony coming up in July 2017,  all in the divine timing.  

    My evolution and its path has opened up in front of me and I will meet it there.... until then I will be of full service here.

    “The power of the priestess is the power to remember.” He said.  “You are remembering.  You are remembering all that has ever been so that you can understand what is.  Through remembering what has been, you shall know what is to become.  You shall break every pattern and mould and your service to the Earth World shall be thoughtful.  You are preparing for your ministry by activating the memory of what has gone before and with this memory activated you are preparing to remember the depth of who you are and the sacred form of the future.

    You are remembering that you are limitless.  You are remembering your sacred dance, that the dance is universal, that the whole of the universe is the sacred temple for the dancer who is awakened.”

    The power of the priestess is memory.  The priestess remembers all that has been, all that is and all that ever shall be.  She blocks nothing out, denies nothing.  She opens her inner wisdom and sees all.  All knowledge - all that seems dark and light alike-stands revealed.  The priestess is keenly sensitive, highly aware.  She realizes that every experience contains a message.  She learns.  She grows.  She finds omens.  She heals.  She teaches.  She learns.

    This is her Mystery: Through the dark collective memory of all that was, is and shall become, the one light of knowledge is revealed.  Truth shines through the collective memory of darkness.  There is light in this darkness.  We know this to be true and yet the source of our faith remains a mystery.  

    The priestess carries male in one hand, female in the other.  She is yang as well as yin, light as well as dark, positive as well as negative, action as well as reception, initiative as well as response.  In her hands she holds the Akasha.

    She stands at the conjunction of the Eternal Father and the Eternal Mother.  She is the Fulcrum.  She is the Union.  She is absolute balance and creative potential, the sexless, sex-full, equation for life.

    And always and forever she stands as the bridge across the Abyss.  Always and forever she stands as endless spirit in the eternal light facing darkness.  She comes to know the nuances of the Abyss. She befriends dark creatures and embraces her lessons.  The unknown becoming known is the source of her creativity and the source of her humility.  She draws from the essential energies that represent the highest potencies of the human soul.  And these potencies she cherishes and these potencies she nurtures.

    She knows the void well.  Her body is built around it.