Welcome to the Online 21 Day
Womb Wisdom and Moon Mysteries Sadhana 
with Nicole Phoenix Starr...
21st August to 11th September 2017.







How it works?
It's a gorgeous journey with a group of women.  I will open our Sadhana and we will all share our intentions into our private FaceBook Group.  You receive an email daily into your inbox with the daily practise.  We will meet and have group calls each Saturday.  We will have 3 in total.  These will be recorded and sent out to those who aren't able to meet online.  It's a safe container and fully supported.  21 days to journey together with me as your guide $111 for the entire process.  

What may happen?
You may establish a daily practise.  The emails include meditations, processes, ceremonies, music and other instructions.  It's simple and easy to follow, it can take 5 minutes a day or as long as you like.  Any one can incorporate this into their life.
A journey back to the ancient knowledge and understanding of womb wisdom and then moon mysteries.  Our menstruation is lifeforce and the most powerful time of our cycle.  The womb wisdom is the strongest connection we have to universal energies.  This journey will take you deep deep deep into the feminine lineage of humanity.

Who is it for?
Any woman who is serious about doing the work.  This is a serious undertaking and I hold a powerful space for the entire time.  I will be fully present the whole journey and you will have direct access to me for the entire 21 days.  There are some dynamic women already and sharing this space in the group will be a very memorable time.

How do I join?
To take you seat in the Sadhana you pay using the buttons below.  
As soon as you pay your will receive your welcome email and can prepare for our Sadhana.

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The Sacred Teachings of the Womb

The rite of passages no longer taken

The celebrations no longer had

The illusion, the delusion of the bleed

For it is pure creation 

And they got scared

It's time to remember God*desses

You are powerful beyond measure.