1 - 21 October 2019



An Online Program to Quieten
the Mind and Master the Monkey.

  • Daily Emails with practises, meditations and mindfulness.

  • 3 Group Zoom Calls for pure transmission and connectedness.

  • Private FB Group for support and accountability.

  • Learn how to LISTEN to your inner guidance.

  • Sit in the space between the breath.

  • Quieten the noise within.

  • Discern between truth and story.

  • Learn the art of great inquiry.

  • Plugging into the Conscious Collective.

  • Ssshhhhhhhh.... some space to BE.

  • Embracing the No-Thing.

  • Mind Mastery through silence, quiet and self kindness.

  • When we become No-thing we have access to Every-thing.


Group work is fantastic to work with the combined focussed energy towards a common goal.  It's a place of encouragement, connection and community.  21 days united in the prayer field towards pure consciousness on the path to silencing the unnecessary noise within.