It's been 3 Years.....💋

Gosh it's been quite the hot minute since we've had a Live Event.  Hugs, tears, joy, extreme epic extraordinary times.  Oh how I've missed it.

Finally, it's time.  13 August 2022.  An all day event, in Adelaide City.  Sitting in circle with the now Urban Priestess Nicole Phoenix Starr.

So what are we going to do???  We will sit in circle and let the magic weave through us.  I will share the mystery of how a Hindu High Priestess navigates the life as a Householder, how just like you; a woman navigating life as a soul having a human experience. 
Let's get deep into the context, let's get uber juicy.  And there may be a visit to the local beach....... #iykyk

9.30am to 6pm
Lunch included

You are going to adore this Sacred Day in the City 💋
Limited spaces... 

Payment plans available if needed.  Message me today to discuss anything.  Direct to my inbox:

This is your official invitation. 
Please consider traveling to South Australia
to join if you are drawn to this event.

 There is an opportunity to have a one on one session on Friday or Sunday.  Soul Session up to 2 hours $333
Another opportunity is to have an energetic body session on massage table for an 1ish $222
Message me if you wish to claim one of these very limited spots.