A Rite of Passage - 2020 

'Sometime when we can travel again'
7 Days of Mecca Magnificence

A Rite of Passage of a Lifetime..... Literally.

The main temple on the Indonesian island of Nusa Penida is a literal Mecca for all Indonesian Hindus, it is a journey one must take in their lifetime and is a highly revered and auspicious journey to do so.  I have taken quite a few people on solo trips, in small groups for various visits and reasons, it's always been extraordinarily incredible and profound.

This 7 day Rite of Passage has been designed to be a Once in a Lifetime experience. 

Travelling the Multi-dimensional Highway of the Souls Eternal Pilgrimage. 

We shall start and converge in Ubud on the Island of Bali. 
Here we will step into circle and visit the realms of Nirvana Manifest as reality on earth.
(A literal place).

Continue our odyssey across the seas to the ancient Island of Nusa Penida, the home of Ratu Gede.
The infamous enlightened man that now is a highly revered God of Hinduism, {think Indonesian Hindu Jesus}. 

The process is a Rite of Passage for Deliverance.
The embodiment of Sacred Union using the principles of White Tantra and Raja Yoga.

 Lead by Hindu High Priestess:~  Durgaji Jro Mangku Putu Widiani Nicole Phoenix Starr

Why would you wish to join:

You likely have a full body response that is akin to a stirring of the soul and recognition of alignment.

Which may feel like, butterflies or full body rushes or a screaming 'Holy YES' or a strange pull in
knowing or a very curious vibe or any myriad of kindred feels as these.

Essentially you are here to work on your evolution. 

You are serious about your practise and you are living from awareness. 

This 7 Day Rite of Passage is a Big Deal.  A HUGE Deal and you must be ALL IN!

APPLICATION PROCESS TO ATTEND:  Please contact via the form below.



Two Options for the Rite of Passage

Single Own Room Occupancy  ~  $3333 AUD

(4 currently available)

Share Twin Room Occupancy ~ $2929 AUD

(6 currently available)

{Does not Include airfares or travel insurance;
does include accommodation, transport,
some meals and full program}.

Balances are Paid in Full 1 month before.
Payment plans are available, reach out to discuss.
Balances are sent to either to our Australian Bank Account
or Canadian Bank Account or Indonesian Bank Account.
You may pay using Credit Card or Paypal too.

This event is run through PT. EVOLUTION ATMA RAJA.
An Indonesian company with Directors: Ibu Putu Nicole and Ruby Starr.