An Online Program to Learn how to use Yoni Eggs for Optimum Health and Feminine Vitality.

  • Daily Emails with practises, meditations and practises.

  • 3 Group Zoom Calls for pure transmission and connectedness.

  • Private FB Group for support and accountability.

  • This program is very much about energetic practises and about connection to consciousness.  It will go deep and may get a little woo-woo.  So if you want to only know the physical exercises and the vagina gym stuff, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

  • The practise is to cultivate Intimacy with the physical and energetic self.

  • Awareness of the Conscious Collective.

  • Embracing the Wholeness of self.

  • It will be a very vulnerable and respectful place that will be held and supported by a highly experienced and very well known guide.

  • Daily practise using the egg and learning more about you thus encouraging the intimacy on all levels.

  • You will need a Yoni/Jade Egg to participate in this program, so ensure you have one.  Don't leave it to the last minute delivery takes time in this realities we are living in in 2020.
    You may want to update the egg/s you have also.

    You can buy through my Spirit Store if you need, have a look at all the options there.  We are also offering free Menstrual Cups too with any purchase if you are interested in that as well.

Yes, Jade Eggs, Yoni Eggs.  Womb wisdom.  Sacred Rituals.  Intimacy Practises.  This 8 Day Sadhana program will be all about the energy work.  The womb imprints.  The trauma clearing.  The intimacy of the heart-womb connection.  The meditations. 
The Spiritual Practises I have done for 8 years with these magnificent tools.

We will also be learning and working with prolapse scenarios.  Pelvic Floor knowledge.  Kegel Exercises.  Leakage.  All the physical stuff too, of course.  AND the energy work.  AND the Intimacy that comes with these profound practises.


Group work is fantastic to work with the combined focussed energy towards a common goal.  It's a place of encouragement, connection and community.  8 days united in sisterhood and personal practise.