30 January to 6 February 2022

8 Day 2022 Reset

Reset / Cleanse / Detox

Post Holiday New Year Ready

8 day protocols of detoxing, cleansing, reseting, rebuilding and conscious intentional daily practise.


We will step in and start all in
Sunday 30 January 2022.

If you are on any medication or if you have been on any medication in the last 3 months message me.



An open mind and a solid commitment to self and the program.

An enema kit.

Binding Drink.

Fenugreek seeds.

A juicer and a blender (you might be able to borrow if you don't already have). 
Yes you will need both or access to buying fresh real cold pressed juices.

Access to fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably organic.

Lots of clean purified water, either a filter of your own or buy water, most tap water isn't great for this process.

You will be provided with all the other intricate things which are easy to find as we progress.

Please choose below,

  • A deposit to hold your space.
  • Payment for the program.

    Men and Women are both welcome to join.

Note:  We will be having 2 group calls, starting on Sunday 30 January.
A Private Facebook Group to support and have accountability.
Daily email with protocols and instruction.

The Question....
Will there be Food involved?
I got asked this common question recently and this was my answer.

There is some food involved ok some days but not many

So the question here is what’s the ‘story’ around food... what are the edges around the mind with being disciplined for 14 whole days of your life

To survive without food and see where your capacity is!

It’s not about the food. It’s about the mindset

And you are capable of so much more than you could imagine

And ... it’s not just a juice fast

It’s full on protocol with enemas Elixirs Concoctions

And so much more

Everyone I’ve put through reset has worked, some parented, and even gone regularly to gym or PT workouts without food and without lack of energy or mental clarity

Contrary More energy And clearer stronger mind

And some water fast days thrown in for fun

I set up to flow into these perceived harder days

So the body is used to the protocol

And the cellular shifts support the process; It’s actually fascinating

Observing what the body is capable of

And the high intelligence of the body one does not even know

It’s amazing

I’ve been playing with so many protocols It’s next level light body

Lemon juice enemas are wild and incredible for connection on whole new levels

Every single time I’ve had the big life upleveling events and massive evolution was after fasting or vibrationary protocol; always Unplanned, Until I cottoned on there was a common thread.

Then started doing it intentionally.

The resets.... unimaginable.

Your guide Nicole Phoenix Starr.

Any questions regarding this program?