3 Month Soul Contract Journey. 
~~~ Next intake starts September 2017 ~~~

I’ve opened up the first Chamber of this vision and had three group throughs. I had never taken anyone on a 3 month journey before.  It was far more profound than I anticipated.  All the outcomes have been way beyond words.

I invite you to join me in my Temple if you indeed are ready to sit with me in the energy, ceremony and process.

Starting from 1st week in September 2017...... if you feel the call, then it's time to contact me.

What does it look like?

Working together, one-on-one.  Once a week Zoom call session.  Daily practise and weekly SoulWork.  A commitment together.

Which will be consecrated to the divine.  Witnessed by source.  Joined by deities. Uniquely and individually flowing with the energies, soul contracts and your destiny.

If you think you would like to join me in my Temple then contact me Now.

We will have a Skype session and see if it’s a fit for both of us.  

We will discuss where you are at and what I envisage could play out if you entered the Temple.  
The investment of your time, money and very serious soul commitment unfolds in the session.

Email me Now:  nicole@nikstarr.com if you are being called to work closely with me. Let's chat soon.

Read more in the reflections below of what its like to experience a 3 month Soul Contract.

What is the Online Temple?


3 months ago I joined an Online Temple with Nicole, I didn't know what to expect but great change was at least my goal & I got that plus a whole universe more! What I did find, was myself, my true self. What followed was an awakening of epic proportions, every facet of myself was split open, shaken up and lovingly put back together in a more authentic, organic & nurturing kind of way. Nicole was like a universal hug mixed with a karmic slap all rolled into one and I love that! I wanted daily ritual and I got it, I wanted truth and I got that too, I also got a universal download that was like an atom bomb going off in my mind, heart & body that freed me from myself and all I thought I needed to know and I came to place of such peace and gratitude my heart could burst. Did the hard stuff go away....no but my understanding of the hard stuff changed, it was no longer anything it just is, just life. Nothing and no thing matters it just IS. I am so grateful, I feel set free and ready to do the work I was meant to do with my whole heart & soul ❤️Thank you Nicole

Jasmin, Brisbane; Australia.

A letter for you...

For years I tucked myself away in a house at the edge of the woods.

I went into the city each day for work, and at night I retreated home, to the quiet, where the kookaburras would sing me awake the next day.  5am6am.  Before the sun came up.

I lived here because I wanted solace.  I wanted a place where I lived alone.  I had grown weary and tired of people.  Each conversation was peppered with white lies, exaggerations, one-up-man-ship.  Everyone went around wearing masks, pretending to be other people, and even though we could all see it, no one said a word. 

The world was an anxious place.  Filled with an urgent desire to make money, quick, quick, make it, save it, then spend it, then save more.  Repeat ad nauseam.   We bought houses and cars and we thought that once we’d finished we’d be happy.  But everyone kept wanting more. 

I could not live in just a world.  And so I retreated to the white house by the woods.

And there I lived unhappily and stuck.  For being alone is different to being lonely, and only one is desired. 

I had been a wonderfully happy child.  I remember small things that brought great joy – the earth after the rain, the smell of gardenias blooming in November, cuttings of it, sprigs in each of our bathrooms.  The cool freshness of the pool in summer.  The caw of the evening birds, while I sat on the trampoline and watched over my mother as she gathered the day’s laundry.

Yes I had been happy.  Where had she gone?

And then you arrived.  First at the sunshine coast.  And then in the dream world.  And you seemed to offer something that captured me, even if it took me days, possibly weeks to know it. 

It appeared that the universe was offering me a tonic, a tincture, that could resolve my weariness with this life.  You offered the chance of mastery.  And I had wanted to know myself.  Even if that meant admitting, I knew very little of who that was.

We began.

I reconnected with earth.  I felt my legs, walking, as if for the first time. 

I learnt the sacredness of being feminine.  I danced under the moon.  Barefoot and free.

After the calm, came days of calamity.  I spun into space, distraught and distressed, wanting to tear at my own skin.  Stop it all.  At once.  Get. It. Off.  I wasn’t sure if I meant my skin, this life, this world.  Everything.  I spun and I spun almost forever.

I lost friends.  Violently.  They didn’t just slip away as if we had parted amicably.  They tugged, and tore and parts of me when with it.  And they seemed to leave behind gaping holes in me.  Holes that couldn’t be healed.

I spun some more.

I lost myself.  I weeped as the blackness surrounded, it cloaked me in a thousand nights.  I couldn’t find any light.  I couldn’t find anything.  Everything haunted me.  Food lost its taste, so I started eating more.  Time opened up like cavities, I could never fill it.  There was no one to call.  Nothing to do.  Everything had lost its meaning.  Nothing had taken over.

I wanted out.  So many times. I shouted it into the sky.  I hated the moon.  I despised me.  And detested you. 

And then, the rains came. Light drizzly rain.  Just a day of it.  But all I needed was a day.  Something in me stirred and I began to write.  And the words fixed themselves on a page, perfectly, as though they had been there all along. I can do this, I thought. I can get through.

You taught me to teach myself to be strong.  To grow my foundations.  My mantra sings itself sweetly like a nightingale in the evenings – all is fine.

All is fine.

All is fine.

The evening is never dark anymore.  There is always a light shining. 

I can still feel you.  Did you mean for that to happen?  Well of course you did.  I can still feel you sometimes.  And I have grown very fond of it. 

I have moved out of Sydney, and started a new life.  Now when someone asks, I can say I’m a writer, and mean it.  Living in a quaint seaside town is wonderful.  But do you know what is more wonderful?  Moving.  Experiencing.  Tasting life.   

And I although I am happy by myself, I have realised something - I am better in pairs.  Give me people.  Give me their wondrous ways.  Give me their entertaining humany dances and their wonderful divine souls.  Give me a thousand crazy streets.  Give me the traffic of Italy. Or Sydney.  Or India.  And the vuvuzela toots of a soccer match.  Give me cacophonious noise.  And I shall remain still.

I listen to my future self at night, and she says we’re ready.  We’re ready to move.  To slide between countries.  To experience it all. 

And then I came upon this quote, just today, and I thought, oh yes.


“Travel is very useful and it exercises the imagination. All the rest is disappointment and fatigue. Our own journey is entirely imaginary. That is its strength. It goes from life to death. People, animals, cities, things, all are imagined. It’s a novel, simply a fictitious narrative. Littre says so, and he’s never wrong. And besides, in the first place, anyone can do as much. You just have to close your eyes. It’s on the other side of life.

- Celine, Journey to the End of the Night

                                                                                                                               Kate:  Australia.


"I started working with Durgaji at a time of huge transition following the death of my mother and the ending of my 15 year relationship. I felt unsure and uncertain about moving forward and what life would look like for me.

Since starting my work with Durgaji in June 2015 I have become the empowered woman I always knew I had the potential of becoming, but I didn’t know how. Durgaji has shown me the truth of my nature and has helped me understand my purpose through the awe-inspiring beauty and the deep wisdom of my female body. 
Durgaji helped me unlock the incredible force of ancient knowledge that is inside me through simple yet mind-blowing powerful techniques. I have learned how to harness the raw creative and sexual energy that arises in my body and transmute it through the power of living with an open heart in full integrity in each and every moment.
I have overcome fears and I have blossomed in my body confidence and my confidence of who I am in the world. I feel like I have found my place and I don’t need to know or control everything as I have a deep faith and trust in the process of life and the Universe. I understand and accept that I am part of a bigger picture that is playing out around me and I get to choose how to show up in my energy everyday. Life has become a continuous stream of miracle and I get to show up and participate in these miracles from a space of open curiosity, compassion and the grounded certainty that all is as it needs to be.
I have learned so much about the primordial power I have access to through my womb and using techniques such as jade eggs and sublimation bring it to a place of being able to use it in everyday life to fuel creativity and change and to flow with the natural rhythm of manifestation. I have healed my sexuality through the bliss of my sensuality which an experience that I have on a daily basis. I see my body as a conduit for pure divine energies that facilitate the anchoring of higher vibrational energies in my life and on the planet.
What I love about working with Durgaji is that she has taught me how to work from the ground up so to speak. Working with the base chakra is fundamental to bringing order to physical everyday life which is just as holy and significant as working with the crown chakra and downloading information from my higher self. I have learned to exist in balance between earth and heaven and I can truly say that I live everyday in harmony with that. I have finally been able to find the balance between my physical and my spiritual life in a way that is natural and easy.
One of the biggest lessons I have received from Durgaji is how to be in my full spiritual and energetic integrity all of the time, not just when I am in meditation or chanting mantras. All of the time. Every single moment. Because it is all sacred. Every single moment of it and the only way to keep expanding and growing is through embodying the integrity and truth of the Living Goddess that I am all of the time, in constant awareness with a fully open heart. 
I have definitely found the path that I have sought throughout my life. It is a path to wholeness integrating the foundations of my body, my sensuality, my personal power, my heart-space, my personal expression, my inner knowing and my ability to receive directly from Divine Source. 
I am finally the woman I have always wanted to be: empowered, self-assured, confident, fearless, open, loving, curious, fun, powerful and a continual sacred work in progress.
Thank you Durgaji. Terimakasih Tuhan."                                                                            Fotini. ~ Sydney Aust.

Reflections about my journey with Nicole Phoenix Starr

Wow, Where to begin!

How about with the very first week as that is where you helped me to feel more safe, and checked in with my security around having my needs met after my recent transition to Ubud. I didn’t have an income at the time we started and that contributed to my feelings of lack. So having a goddess Lakshmi just gave me such a focus for me to manifest abundance, build a ritual around, remind myself daily to cultivate and honour abundance.

The energy of my altar was not brought to a new vibration.

I took on the challenge of hosting with airbnb.

Every session just brought clarity around information/emotions that I suppressed. Asked myself such hard questions and shared my voice, my findings so openly with you, so that I had witnesses and commitment to move on and shift these blocks.

I mean I knew I had blocks, been working on them for years, yet this process produced transparency at another level.

I possess trust, I know my passions better than I have ever explored, I realize why I feel so powerless and am ready to shift this pattern. Definitely feel more empowered in my recently birthed Warrior archetype. And now have my warrior mountain bike chariot that can get me to work in 15 minutes!

My heart has learned to receive and wants to try out pouring unconditional love.

I no longer pine for my past love, nor feel I need “another” to complete me. However if a magician or a farmer came round…

My voice still shakes with emotion around certain issues however I keep talking and know that I am an emotional being and that even when I speak with vulnerability, I will demonstrate strength.

I experience consciousness at a deeper level, experience being, and am aware how much I love this way of living.

My third eye and crown chakra are so much more open since a meditation practice has resumed again in my life.

I am so much more in tune with my archetypes since exploring how they enhance my consultancy role. I have purified and realized how ritual and routine feeds my spirit. I have new tools to feed my spirit.

I feel so grateful that I have given myself this year as a gift, and this practice working with you is the highlight of it all. How could I not, how could I have even questioned the possibility for even a moment is so beyond, behind me now.

Looking forward to blossoming with you in the future…                                                         Sandee..... Canada/Bali

From Sally an ongoing Tantra student.

Hi Durgaji , 

This is more my online summary for sharing in the online temple I have written another one which I will share with you later. Really the words do not do justice to who you have been and this journey . So it is with a full heart and love that I offer this to you as a partial act of the journey of the time spent together as far .. is it still 222 years ago or maybe 333 now ?

My journey with Nicole began with a sense of insight and intuition to call this lady that many of my friends had spoken off. I had no idea what Nicole “did”, or what would be in store for a “soul session”. Though I trusted, and this was one of the best decisions I ever made. 

The unfolding of how I became one of Nik’s tantra students was ones of synchronistic circumstances, and the asking of innocent questions such as “ do you know a good tantra teacher?” I obviously had no idea that Nicole was a tantric master. 

I was blessed truly blessed, that out of such love and compassion, and maybe a soul contract that Nicole was with me to guide me through my process of awakening that had already began. 

I had been undergoing what I believe to be a kundalini awakening, and with out Nicoles guidance I would not have been able to be in the place I am today. 

Nicole took me in as a student and initiated me into her ancient linage. This began with a beautiful ceremony at a sacred bali site. Where we connected the heavens and the earths through our bodies, and were taking to meet our soul council in a powerful balinese cave. 

It was here I committed to the pathway of white tantra, of living the white tantric lifestyle . Without my knowing it had been happening anyway, and I believe was part of the divine plan. To awaken to freedom and liberation as fast as I could.

I began a 40 day Sadhana practice where I was taught how to build the energy/shakti in my body, and how to see the world as sacred and every moment as divine. I was given practices to reconnect myself with my femininity and sexuality , using jade eggs to once again become unified with the womb of my being . The womb of creation . 

I also did a group retreat with Nicole Shambhala, which really blew my mind, and more importantly blew my heart open. The energetic transmission that is received via being in Durga-ji presence was like being in “heaven on earth” , with such joy, but such a deep essence of fun and laughter. These are some of the fondest memories of being with three other women and Durga-ji connecting myself deeper to source, and being activated as a living goddess. 

Some extremely incredible experiences happened to me in this time, multi-dimensional , out of this world experiences . 

I had highs and I had the lows. Where many emotions that were trapped in my energetic body began to release. Lots of fear was leaving my cells, and depression . I hit a dark night of the soul. Where I became overwhelmed with life and emotions. Though I now see the beauty in all of this. 

It was that moment I knew my purpose it was to be love, feel love and experience love. This is what is the binding that keeps me in spirit , in purpose. How much can I open my heart to myself and then to others. This life is fundamentally about how deep can I love and work in this essence of love.

It is about following joy and spirit.

With the loving strength of the warrior/mother that she holds Nicole was always there by my side. 

The moments I remember most were the moments were something popped and I embraced everything as God. I welcomed my whole self in and I moved to a space of such deep love. I was walking in the divinity of I am . This feeling is so unexplainable. It has made me discover the mystery of the universe, we are here to walk in the golden nectar of the divine heart. 

This is one of the biggest gifts I could ask for . 

It was Nicole who taught me to love it all , and when I really do , or did complete acceptance I was elevated to such a state of heart centred living. I became the living embodiment of the divine. The walking goddess. 

Life became an undulation of waves of complete and pure love. 

I did not stay there and this is a journey . 

Though I feel now I know what is my path my dharma, I am so much more liberated from fear. I have deeper capabilities to love others, and to love and accept myself. 

I have purpose and I am closer to finding that true freedom that can exist in any place, time, situation . 

A lot I feel what Durgaji does is behind closed doors, that I am consciously unaware of the work that is happening. I still do not really understand, and really that is perfect. 

Though one thing that is for sure is that I love Durga-ji deeply and are eteranally grateful for all her love and guidance. I trust this woman with my life. With my soul, and I have never felt that for anyone before. This is my truth . 

Terimakasih tuhan , terimakasih tuhan , terimakasih tuhan.

Soul Journey Reflection

Looking back at the beginning of this process, I know that I was ready to jump in, ready for whatever the process brought me, however if someone had told me that this process would bring a miracle, I wouldn’t have believed them - really.

The process of pouring out so much stuff to someone who was listening and thinking and ready to process and evaluate that stuff was more than I think would have been achieved through any other means.  Counselling, psychology and other forms of self reflection just don’t have the punch of the spiritual connection.

I know that the process has brought me so much more awareness: awareness with a purpose.  I now know that my immortal self is awake and that we are in accord.   The process of distancing from the event and being firmly in the witness seat is tricky, life sucks us back into patterns as the quick fix, the ‘go to’ operating mode.  Something to always be aware of.

I don’t want the process to finish – there’s a little girl crying ‘Don’t leave me’.  And I know that equally there is another saying ‘it doesn’t end, the process keeps going’.  And then in today’s post you said to pull on my Response-ability pants!  Love it – perfect timing!

Reading over some of the things I wrote especially about relationship, I’m now in a completely different headspace.  Not that I’m now completely happy with the situation, more that I am totally comfortable with letting the process unfold and see where we end up.

I keep thinking about my newborn me – I want to be her again – happy, knowing, spontaneous, full of so much love that it just flows from my pores.  “Remember who you are” keeps resonating in my head.  

I just don’t know what to write … I feel that each week, though somewhat wobbly at first, has been easy to work through.  Some of the things we discussed – like Sedona and extra-terrestrials for example, are things that I feel the need to follow up on and remain open to whatever the universe throws my way.  And I recongise that other things – like the family relationships will naturally evolve.  

I can’t say that any part of the process was more or less difficult or easy or confronting.  I expected there to be big shifts and there were, often in ways that I didn’t see coming.

When I look back, I think that I knew that those were going to be the shift points – the issues of control, which I felt pretty terrible about at the time, knowing that my happiness is my responsibility, and not taking on other people’s stuff.  I think that underneath it all I did know that my ego was ruling in the absence of strong soul connection.  I think that this is the one that I’m going to slip with.  Miss Ego is going to attempt to assert herself in the future and I think that I’m more prepared to recognise the sneakiness with which she’ll do it.  Damn it, she probably sneaks one in every now and then without my realising!

Going back to the knowing of being an immortal being.  This is central to the whole process because that understanding brings immediate self respect.  If I am an immortal soul, then I am part of the Divine that created this existence and every other existence.  All is created in perfection and for a purpose, therefore I, too, am perfect and purposeful!...In realising that, this new knowledge is somewhat of a struggle - I can’t really be perfect, just look at how you …, you are …, Those thoughts are there as  a life-time of conditioning is being changed.

How do I reaffirm and solidify that understanding so that it becomes irrefutable?  I will not allow negative thinking to phrase how I think about this, so how to word this positively?  I don’t want to think ‘I am not this’, I want to think ‘I am’.   Again I want to have that slammed into my thinking so that I never lose it. Instant life change, just add water and stir!   Lesley, Qld.

This space will continue to evolve for our online community of learning and sharing.

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