Tantric Teachings
in the form of a
new 90 Day Online
Group Sadhana

1 May to 1 August 2020

(1 February to 1 May 2020) Currently Running

The first 90 Days have been so Epic we must continue. 

This 90 day Sadhana is based upon Traditional Tantric Teachings delivered and bought into modern conceptualisation by Hindu High Priestess Durgaji NikStarr.  Durgaji, also known as Nicole Phoenix Starr has a wonderful capacity to share the teachings with great clarity and using language that is totally relatable to.  This is the first time ever shared.

Traditional Tantric Teachings come from Hinduism but these transmissions are all non denominational and are neutral in influence.  They are simply wonderful subject pointings for the course and the inquiry created through the pointed practise. 

Being Traditional they are non-sexual and come from the Ancient Himalayan Initiations of White Tantra Lineage by Rajarishi Swamishara adapted by Durgaji NikStarr. 

Each week we will focus on a new teaching.

Weekly Zoom Online Group Call.

New weekly guided meditations and daily practise guidance.

FB Group to share, support and discuss in a sacred container.

Unlimited access to Nik.

To join:
One must be familiar with regular meditation.

Feel established in your awakening.

Be willing to participate and contribute to the group.

An attitude of 'do what it takes' in discipline and commitment to your own evolution. 

An invitation to you to step into a sacred space with a soul family.

To take a deep journey across the realms ultimately to remember who you are.

Liberation in the minds eye and suffering in the surrender zone.

Working together in groups online. 
Supporting as a collective.
Together we are better.
We are all walking each other home.

In circle we hold space for each other and in doing so we are held accountable and as a consequence very supported.

It's a beautiful place and it is a totally safe space.


Bank Transfer Direct Deposit is available. 
If you would like to send money to NAB Australia please email me for digits at nicole@nikstarr.com
Or you can send payment to TD Bank Canada using eTransfer to nicole@nikstarr.com as well.

Rajarishi 'Swami' Swamishara, my teacher who has now completed this life.