Products and Programs available on Full TPR.

Please transfer the Cost in TPR to my Wallet TJzAx6GPgakJXA7ZfwBeMN2cT9Z5QmuEYY putting Your name in the reference with the product, then email me and the product or program will be sent to your email.

Currently I have available 2 programs and 1 product. 
I will be adding more regularly so please come back and check in.

1.  21 Day Solo Kali Sadhana = For anyone wanting to connect with the HIndu Goddess Kali, a journey of intimacy with the divine feminine and a daily meditation practise. You can read more here$88.88

2.  14 Day Hormone Balancing Program, for women 40=60 years of age.  Anyone wanting a holistic and intentional protocol to health and vitality, especially for those experiencing peri-menopause and menopause symptoms. 
You can read more here... $99.99

3. The original NikStarr Meditation Series, 5 guided meditations with lifetime access. $22.22

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What is TPR and The People's Reserve?

TPR or The People's Reserve is a new blockchain and cryptocurrency developed to create a new monetary ecosystem – that is built for the people. It is an anchored stablecoin without the volatility of other cryptocurrencies who's value is tied to the last highest price of gold. That means that the value can only ever go up.

Compounding interest is a powerful force. The People’s Reserve attempts to empower the people with the power of compounding in order to generate the resources required to free up time and energy from having to focus on paying the bills to survive. With the focus on survival no longer present, the human race can thrive! It is believed that an innate humanity, naturally born to us all, the innate humanity consisting of love, compassion and generosity will begin to birth and shine on this beautiful planet.

The People’s Reserve attempts to free up as much of this resource as is possible, leading the betterment of mankind and the societies we co-create.

Why was TPR created?

When the human monetary economic system began, it had begun in a true economic free market, however the term free market in today’s day and age is no longer a relevant term. We are no longer free to use our hard-earned wealth as we will. Restrictions have been placed on us by various institutions such as banks, regulators and policy makers.

Governments are able to seize our wealth if they choose to do so without recourse, whether it’s seizure from our bank accounts or printing more money decreasing the value from our wealth. Banks have the ability to restrict the movement of our wealth at their will. Policy makers have the ability to make rules surrounding the custody and use of our wealth without prior seeking our consent.

The People’s Reserve’s vision is to create a Currency for the People, a monetary ecosystem that will allow us to enjoy our wealth accompanied by significantly more freedom, whilst still being connected to the traditional financial system without being tied to the traditional markets.

What is truly exciting is that the emergence of Blockchain Technology and community mindedness has now made this possible.


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TPR is a whole financial ecosystem. To find out more about it, please check out the following links below: