An Invitation to Oracle Day...

Please join this Online Gathering on 30/12/2021.

Gathering on Zoom where we pull our personal Yearly Card Spread and look at the Chinese New Year astrology of the Water Tiger.

For the last few years I've done this practise of this Oracle Card pull and then used each card as the theme of guidance for that month.  It's an exceptional way of creating intentional practise and soul curriculum to work with all year long.

It's been a wild decade already, 2020 and 2021 are quite the start.  And now we are about to walk through the gateway into 2022, .

The session will last around 3-4 hours.  I encourage everyone to bring their set of Oracle Cards with them (not essential).  You can purchase some of mine, if you want some and don't have, if you are early enough for the post. 
Or I am very happy to pull cards for you on the call.

We will have lots of juicy discussion and connection and step into this new year confidently and consciously in sacred circle.

It's a gorgeous way to prepare yourself to step through.

The year of the Metal Ox

2o2one was the year of the year of the Metal Ox, and its message couldn’t have be clearer:  to put in the work and to buckle down. “Showing up, action steps, discipline and tenacity were huge themes”.

“In agricultural societies, oxen are reliable and strong work animals. They were responsible for the survival of humanity. So what was happening in this Rat year of 202 continued over into the Ox year to complete it, ground it, bring it to its resolution.” 

Fingers crossed hey...... 

We will spend a little time discussing this view for any outcome that may arise for us in the coming year.

That is the 4719th Chinese year. The first day of the Chinese astrological year is the first day of Black Water Tiger Month.
The first day of the Water Tiger is on February 4, 2022.

We will meet on Zoom for a group video call at 9:30am Adelaide time which is referenced in the times here.
For around 3-4 hours of diving deliciously into our personal view of the year ahead and to talk, share and connect together around our collective onward journey that is 2022.

Wednesday 29 December for Canadians:
BC:    17:00 

Thursday 30 December for:
Doha:          04:00
   WA:          09:00
 QLD:          11:00
    SA:          11:30