The Festival of Navratri is a 9 night long Ceremony for the Goddess Durga.

Each of the nine days/nights is dedicated to Goddess Durga
’s nine avatars and considered very auspicious.

Each day of Navratri has a separate colour attached to it. The word Navratri is derived from Sanskrit, meaning nine nights - nava (nine) ratri (night). On each day a different form of Goddess Durga is worshipped.  

We activate the representation of each Goddess Avatar within ourselves and take on the form each day to embody all these qualities within each of us.

We do basic fasting each day as per tradition where we drink purifying elixirs and eat only fruit during the day and eat together at sunset our meal each day.

We start the day before to prepare, we have two group ZOOM Calls, we have a private FB group.  You receive daily emails with all the content and instruction.

We assimilate for a couple of days after.

Please join our group of women from all around the world coming together online to spend this beautiful time together. 

A sacred container of devotion, bhakti and ceremony. 

Please contact me, your guide,with any questions at any time.

9 Avatars of Durga