An Online group journey like never before. 
A 21 day journey of detoxing, cleansing, reseting, rebuilding and conscious intentional daily practise.

Full Protocol around the process, the recipes, the practises, the meditations, the mindset and the support.


A MASSIVE COMMITMENT Period.  This is an ALL IN program, you can't just do some of it, you need to be super serious and if you want to literally shift on the cellularly level and gain incredible health AND shift your consciousness massively then you have found it here! 

Doors will close a few days beforehand on this one as you need to get prepared.
You will be given clear instructions beforehand of what you will need.
If you are on any medication message me or if you have been on any medication in the last 3 months.

Read some sharings below for what you may be in store for.


Hi Nik,

Here goes my testimonial for the reset:

The 21 Day Reset was completely life altering for me. Prior to doing the reset, many years of exhaustion and non-functioning adrenals and thyroid, had taken their toll on my body, not to mention that I had constant brain fog. Enter Nik's reset. Nik had me taper off and stop my thyroid medication prior to starting the reset. I have not refilled my prescription since. The reset truly did what the name implies; it reset my thyroid and adrenals and cleared the brain fog. It gave me hope and as a bonus, after years of constant weight gain, I lost a pound a day and have kept it off. I had been working with a Naturopath for 2 years before the reset to attempt to reduce my exhaustion and get my body functioning again with not much luck. He was amazed at the results of the reset. My thyroid and adrenals are now functioning, my brain function has returned and all my systems are strong. The reset has given me a new lease on life and Nik's support has been unequaled!

Blessings to you dear Nik!




My Reset All my life food has been a representation of very old patterns in my family . Eating to suppress feelings. Being told to eat and finish my plate when I was already full learning to ignore my intuition. Eating because I was told to. It was breakfast , lunch or dinner. Cheating to eat “ naughty “ foods. Eating to fill a hole. Eating for the sweetness of life. Eating out of boredom. Eating when my heart was broken. Eating for social reasons- Parties, Celebrations but always overeating. When I heard about Nik’s reset , I knew I had to do it. Not to lose weight , although that has been a great outcome but to let go of patterns. Old patterns.  I was miserable and I didn’t know how miserable I was.  I started my reset with the guidance of Durgaji Ma. She gave me instructions, supported me physically ( what to drink, eat, supplement) mentally ( phonecalls and meditations) and spiritually  ( meditations, cell rejuvenation)having my back, just like the Universe. Perfect Divine timing.  I started out, not following the instructions correctly so I added another week. Again perfect timing. The 21 day process was all about letting go. Emotional letting go, physical letting go, A resetting of my body and the letting go of so many learned behaviours amid food ( survival ) issues. A surprise outcome was finding my inner strength. Finding boundaries with people in my life. Being able to say no , strongly and directly . Leaving a job, making big changes to my life. Facing fear , seeing its grip on my life . Awareness, conscious eating, choosing , listening to my body , to my Self shifted. My relationship with mySelf shifted , changed and became a new me everyday. I am still juicing and when I feel hungry I eat. The added bonus of weight loss has been amazing 15kg. I had an ulcer and it is gone. I feel more like mySelf everyday. I am grateful to Nik Starr, DurgajiMa, to mySelf and to all the rest of the lovely people  who support me on this journey.

Thank you
Namu Sue

I was looking forward to doing the 21 day reset with Nik as I was tired of being tired and feeling sluggish. My first week was challenging as I got to see and feel just how unconscious I really was around my eating patterns and working through those unhealthy habits. As the weeks went on I started to feel more alive then I’ve felt in a long time. I had more energy, my skin was glowing; I was sleeping sound. I felt light and clean from the inside out. I remember feeling emotional as I could feel how much the juice was nurturing my body, mind and soul in such a healthy way that process felt like such an act of love that I was doing just for me! I am truly grateful for this experience for many different reasons. It was life changing and I will continue to juice daily, as I absolutely love it! I also know that I went to the depths that I did during the 21 day reset because of the love, guidance and support I received from Nik. She holds such a deep sacred space that I can honestly say; I trust her with my life. Nik’s level of love, compassion and commitment is beyond anything that I have felt or experienced before.  
Thank you!! 
I love you Durgaji Nicole Phoenix Starr!!  
Wendy,  Canada

My 21 day reset...

At the end of my trip to India at the start of this year, it became super apparent that my health needed something drastic. Having had tried every diet (ps anything with “die” in it isn’t good for you) I had given up on getting my health on track & losing the weight. Nicole also knew how important it was for my health and created what is now known as the 21 day reset

I had never tried anything like this before, no pills, no special shakes, just plain wonderful fresh food. The reset started with a 4 day colon cleanse & required colonics for before, during and after. I had never gotten a colonic before so that was a little daunting. 

Knowing that this was so incredibly important for my health, I stepped into it with great trust & determination. Knowing that what I was suffering then was way harder than what I needed to do in order to heal myself. In my head I thought it was going to be hard but it actually wasn’t...I got through the colon cleanse with ease as I followed the instructions to the Letter,  Afterwards came the 7day juice fast...I didn’t own a juicer and had major organisational issues (in my head) I knew that this could be a challenge for me so I asked for help from a friend who I organised to make my juices for me :) 

Doing this through winter was challenging as your body can get cold & you want to have something warm but I was in half way and there was no way I was going to ruin all my hard work. The first colonic was actually really great, I found a local place that offered infrared saunas with the treatments and those are fantastic for helping the body remove more toxins.

The water fasting was a lil challenging but only after the first day n a half, you have to take extra care to look after yourself by having enough rest, lots of water & choosing where to spend you energy wisely. 

After the 21 days I eased myself back into eating  with raw foods and relearning how to feed myself. The results after my 21days was huge and even after 6months I am still benefiting from the cleanse.  

In total I lost 10kg, cms off my waist, hips, arms and legs, my health improved so much that my skin was clear and clean. I passed a health scan with flying colours and I no longer suffered from weekly migraines, headaches or colds, my sleep is deeper and I feel lighter, fresher and clear minded. My periods were less painful, I had energy (no longer needed afternoon naps) and my appetite for life was expanded. 

The 21 day cleanse changed my whole life, it changed my physical, my mental & helped me to create a deeper connection to spiritual too. 

6months down the track I have not gained any of the weight I lost back, in fact without trying I continue to lose weight in a healthy way. 

Here is a before and after pic.

The first pic on the left is 2 years ago the one on the right is 6months ago. 

In another comparison pic, the picture on the left is my Soul Immersion trip in Bali with Nik last year January and the one on the right was only few months ago.

f you want it and you stick to it, the results are incredible! 

The 21 day cleanse changed my whole being! I will continue to do the 21 day cleanse as 6

Monthly practice to keep things clean& clear too. 

Thank you Nicole for creating this amazing program! My whole life has changed for the better because of it! Not only did I lose weight but I am so clean, healthy & happy too! 

Big Brave Love to all who chose themselves over their sufferings. Xxx 

Jas xxx

The Question....
Will there be Food involved?
I got asked this common question recently and this was my answer.

There is some food involved ok some days but not many

So the question here is what’s the ‘story’ around food... what are the edges around the mind with being disciplined for 14 whole days of your life

To survive without food and see where your capacity is!

It’s not about the food. It’s about the mindset

And you are capable of so much more than you could imagine

And ... it’s not just a juice fast

It’s full on protocol with enemas Elixirs Concoctions

And so much more

Everyone I’ve put through reset has worked, some parented, and even gone regularly to gym or PT workouts without food and without lack of energy or mental clarity

Contrary More energy And clearer stronger mind

And done water fast days thrown in for fun

I set up to flow into these perceived harder days

So the body is used to the protocol

And the cellular shifts support the process;It’s actually fascinating

Observing what the body is capable of

And the high intelligence of the body one does not even know

It’s amazing

I’ve been playing with so many protocols It’s next level light body

Lemon juice enemas are wild and incredible for connection on whole new levels

Every single time I’ve had the big life upleveling events and massive evolution was after fasting or vibrationary protocol; always Unplanned, Until I cottoned on there was a common thread.

Then started doing it intentionally.

The resets.... unimaginable.