8 Day Mind/Body/Spirit Reset

Health, Vitality and Sustainability

17 - 24 May 2020

Online Supported Group Program 

An 8 day program of Cleansing, Elimination, Juicing, Fasting, Protocols and deep spiritual work with meditation and mindfulness.  I have been doing this work for 8 years and over the last 3 years have transitioned into Optimum Health and Pure Vitality.  I have had many experience extraordinary results.  LIfelong medications and surgery averted and so so so so much more for many following this path.

It's intuitive lead.  We learn to listen to Our Bodies.  To nourish accordingly.  To nurture always.

Very supportive and encouraging Group work in a private FB Group.  Full access to your guide at all times.  A very inclusive and loving environment, a gorgeous community to cleanse with.

2 Group Zoom Calls to 'see' each other and share and connect deeper.  A truly beautiful time is always had.

While cleansing and detoxing our bodies we will go into Sustainable practise.   Where we can practise this as a regular form of nourishment, nurture, nutrition and lifestyle.

Elimination is done using a Binding Drink and regular home enemas, this is an essential part of the program.  It can be a bit overwhelming at first and every.single.person I have introduced it to has learned to love it very quickly and is now part of their regular wellness maintenance.  It's a practise derived from the Ayurvedic practise Jala Basti.

You will need an enema kit and binding drink portion for the program.  Which you may already have.  You may wish to purchase yourself or I have pre made and available for you to purchase.  Our enema kits are of the highest grade silicone and are an exceptional quality.  The Binding Drink is made from organic, locally grown (Australia) produced mixed in sacred ceremony.  We are able to purchase all our ingredients in bulk from an accredited supplier and thus keep the price down very affordable. I can provide the recipe if you wish to make it yourself.

You will be given information beforehand to ensure you have all you need and any shopping lists to prepare for juices.

You will need a juicer (borrow one if you don't have one), a blender is not enough but useful in life that's for sure.

The protocols and process won't take all day long and anyone working fulltime or living a busy (Isolation) life will have no problems doing the program.  In fact you will probably find these times easier.

So if you would love to do a mid-year Reset to get you aligned with your being, deep into devotion and supported into a regular practise with morning rituals and daily meditation then please join us.

If you have any questions please contact me at anytime via email or messenger.

If you want in, choose an option below and all the isms will align.

2 Zoom Calls to discuss, support and gather.
Daily emails with protocols and processes.
Facebook Group.
Connection, community and masses of support.

I have personally had epic results from taking on this lifestyle and running with it.  It's actually so much easier than trying to keep a balanced diet and finding my weight fluctuate regularly during the year.  Since I had a fairly significant health scare in January 2018, my sometimes detoxing, juicing life has become a Life of Optimum Health and Pure Vitality.   I did a program later in that year and shared in depth some insight for one of the days teachings, it's a fabulous video explaining so much.  Here is the LINK if you are interested in finding out how I healed my heart.  A couple of sharings below.


 I recently got this message from a senior student of mine that has been doing personal protocols for over a year now.

Got my thyroid test results back. Stellar!! It just gets better every time. The medical profession feels that anything between 0.28 - 5.0 is good. My naturopath feels that a good range is 0.5 - 2.0, preferring closer to 1.0. Two years ago I was in the 4’s, the medication took me into the 3’s, the reset took me to 2.05, and all of this continued work has brought me to 1.28. Yippee!!! What a fallacy that once you are on thyroid medication it is for life! I have heard that from so many people. Thank you Nik for showing me another way.


On Saturday morning, I was very blessed to have an amazing healing from a beautiful lady here on the Sunshine Coast. 
Lots of things transpired as they do but right at the end of the healing, I was asked if I have Arthritis.
I actually don't but in the past, blood tests have shown that I have a risk of Rheumatoid arthritis happening later in life.
Well apparently not any more as I was told that I have now removed that risk from my body which I believe has happened because of doing this 21 Day Reset. 
Like our conversation around this subject just came out of the blue. We didn't speak about anything like this at all through the healing but it was a last minute message that needed to come through.
I was quite blown away but also very grateful indeed.
I hope everyone is journeying well.
Lots of love. ♡♡♡