5 Nights Live in Temple ~ Avant-garde Ashram Style 

Retreatment for Conscious stepping from 2019 into 2020.

29th December 2019 to 3rd January 2020

with Nicole Phoenix Starr ~ Ma Durgaji NikStarr

Live In Temple at the Pop-Up Ashram for 5 nights (6 days) 
Conscious Retreatment stepping into 2020

I've hired a retreat space up the north coast of Bali away from everything
It has a full Temple space and private beautiful villas.
Accomodation is single, not shared.

Stepping into the retreatment doing lightwork, and fasting and cleansing.
Purification at a massive waterfall far in the jungle.
New Years Eve spent in the village for Midnight ceremony, EPIC does not cover this. 
It's also Kajeng Kliwon Day which is where the veils are thinnest and spirits are called for ritual, and they come....
Daily Ashram schedulesque, full immersion into the Intentional sacred space.
We will be only going out for these two ceremonies and the rest of the time contained in our
beachside northern Bali intentional temple Pop Up Ashram.
And some days of Noble Silence involved. (not talking or interaction with each other, inwards vision)
The year 2020, starting living Next Level Avant-garde Ashram style in a Temple.

Women only.
Application process to join.
Limited access due to the amount of accommodation and my insistence of intimate groups doing this work.

Now..... first in gets Ocean Front choice.  There is 4 Ocean Front Villas available, so action takers will be rewarded with choice. 
The actual view of the 3rd picture in with the cerise pink curtains.

All inclusive, except flights, airport transfers and travel insurance.

The cost of the Retreatment is:  $2345.67 AUD

Payment plans available. We can discuss what suits you.

A non-refundable deposit of $345.67 is required to hold your spot once alignment has been reached I will send you payment details.

Apply for Live-in Temple