At this point in time, as our week together draws to a close, I am literally filled up with eternal love and gratitude for the many incredible gifts that have come to me through you.

These days and nights have been beyond anything I could ever have imagined and my mind now realises that I have called this to me and you; and I am fully prepared and committed to BE this, to walk my path in full service to the Divine.

It still feels dreamlike, the ceremony in the cave, my graduation, making waves, spinning around the beach, the heart ceremony and so much more and then the HONOUR to share myself and my gifts with you in the healing, I feel so blessed and humbled, so connected to the Divine, and you.

Finally to bringing the blessing and healing this morning to your people and whoever else is called to receive this transmission. It felt huge, so powerful and so beautiful - Pure Love From God.

I have absolutely loved every moment of my soul immersion, and with baby Leo.

Terima Kasih Tuhan Terimah Kasih Tuhan,

Terima Kasih Tuhan xxx

Love Always, Denise

Denise Prendergast

Dear Nik,

My heartfelt thanks for such a ‘big week’. A week of letting go, giving thanks a million times a day for this wonderful opportunity. I’m just so grateful I made those plane bookings. What did I expect? I didn't come with any expectations except I knew it was going to be ‘great’. Living at ‘Starr Temple’ has been exemplary, I’ve so loved being here amongst this wonderful ‘energy’ of your family. Leo - angel child ‘Buddha Baby’ such a cruiser and a great baby. So well loved, and cherished. You are such a great Mum. Loved meeting the ‘Wayans’, especially the lovely laughing one, and Nyoman and Tini - big kind-hearted souls. Lovely Margot and Paula - what beautiful true souls they are. And Nik, words aren’t enough to express my gratitude. I love you always and all ways. Our soul journey to evolution is a wild one but a great one. Bring it on, love it. And huge love, gratitude, love to the light, the source and to our God. Blessings, and much much love, This isn’t goodbye, until we meet again, (physically).....soon. I hope, Sarah Devi

Sarah Devi

Mind, Body and Soul…..Upon arrival I believed I had all three connected beautifully….. By day two of my Soul Immersion I was standing in my skin viewing a fragmented mind and a wandering soul. The life I had led up to this day was in fact just my imagination laying out a perfect world, with controlled outcomes and a detached thought/feeling process to assist me in jumping right over life's hurdles…..then BOOM! The lights started to come on, the shaky voice that once was suppressed, began to speak ‘TRUTH’, brutal, honest, pain revealing truth. This vessel that had moved me through life had never stopped to ‘check-in’, never stopped and told the truth; all was perfect and feeling numb was my given, my well designed life survival program…..So as days went on I began to connect the dots and allow…..I allowed trust to filter within and fear to filter out…...I released trauma and pain and welcomed a new safe space within to feel life for what it was. I had in fact shed my skin, many layers, each one ever so gracefully being peeled away and new growth being rejuvenated. This was the surrender and acceptance phase. On the final day my heart space connected the loose ends, it welcomed home my once fragmented mind, it enveloped my body’s core and standing in the purest light my soul had immersed....I had arrived. And with deepest Gratitude I thank Nik for gently guiding me here.

Bianca Deuis

I had some of the most adventurous, outrageously self nurturing and yummy days of my life when I spent 10 days with Nik Starr in Bali.

Some of the things I love about her are her willingness to be.... not just ‘be’ in a quiet unassuming way... but BE... in all the ways she feels to at the time.

She is open and honest and her willingness to bust out of her own comfort zone and limiting beliefs shines so brightly and by seemingly automatic transmission she invites those around her to step up as well. Step up for their own ride of their life... It is one of the most powerful things on earth for one woman to shine her light so brightly that she illuminates those around her... and invites, supports and encourages them to shed some of their own veils they are hiding behind. It’s all a matter of choice, and there is no judgement either way, step up and you’ll be loved for it ... step slowly at your own gentle pace if that’s all that you can manage ... you’ll still be loved for it.

Nik introduced me to some very gentle, open-hearted Souls in Bali, some of whom assisted us on a transformational journey and water fountain cleansing ceremony at Tempak Siring and to another sacred temple site called Gunung Kawi. All this took place in a very slow, gentle and deliberate method, no big fanfare just softly and sweetly, I felt nurtured and cared for every step of the way on our Heart Chakra Opening journey.

I consider Nik a Soul Sister and a very dear friend, it was an honour to be given this life affirming experience of time spent with her in ceremony and in fun and juicy enjoyment of life, I am deeply grateful.

Denise Daffara - Contemporary Artist.

Denise Daffara

My Nik Starr Soul Immersion Journey The week that I spent with Nik in March this year was undoubtedly one of, if not the most amazing weeks of my life. A week of absolute growth while feeling loved, supported & very much spoilt by Nik & her amazing team. A week where I learned so much about who I really am & where I am heading in my life. A week where I learned to love myself & to nurture the amazing woman I am inside. A week, where I had my life long anxiety cured by one of Nik’s awesome healers, where I had my life reset & started to live again, where I sat with Kings & received amazing gifts, & the biggest thing of all was having Nik remove the need for my ADD medication from my body. From the moment I met Nik I knew that she played big but what I received from her in the short time I spent with her in Bali was absolutely astounding. I feel very blessed & will be forever grateful for having her in my life. Can’t wait to Journey with her again. Leeann xo


Leeann Butler-Landers

Hi my name is Krissy. I met Nik on facebook, we had friends in common so I kinda stalked her page liked what I saw and sent a friend request. You see I was drawn to this amazing woman from the start and just knew a personal journey was on the cards for the future. Maybe two years passed and I was in constant facebook contact but for me the calling became stronger and then BOOM!!!! She came to Australia and amazingly was running a weekend retreat 45 minutes drive from my house. It was so on!

The two days I spent in Nik’s presence changed my life. I know how that sounds but I left that weekend knowing I was going to go on a personal one on one journey with this amazing woman and so it began. You see I felt a connection that weekend with the divine, god, spirit what ever you choose to call it and that connection was through Nicole Phoenix Starr. I’m convinced my higher self and Nik’s higher self, had had many conversations prior to this.

That was October 2014. Once I had committed to going, the Universe showed up and provided everything I needed to get to Bali for a one on one Soul Immersion with Nik. The money came easily, my son’s father took two weeks holidays to look after him and take him to school. I covered all my classes at the gyms where I teach. I was one happy camper.

So let me tell you a little about myself. I very easily fall into the ‘BUSYNESS” category. I had two jobs, one in retail working three days a week and another teaching classes at the gym. I am also a single mum and was basically working every day. I was exhausted. But I didn’t know any other way. I had grown up with a mother who was never idle. I had it in my mind that you only sat still if you were sick or asleep. So you can imagine the Bliss I felt when I arrived at Nik’s house to a great big welcome and then the words, “Your 90 minute massage is waiting. Your dinner is in the fridge for after your massage. I will see you in the morning for our first yoga class.” In my mind I’m thinking, “Shut the front door! Is this for real?” Yep it was. You see my plane was late and it took ages to get through customs so I was rather late in arriving. It was the best welcome gift ever.

I was fortunate enough to spend seven magical days with Nik where she held the energy for my highest good, in all ways, always. I really didn’t know what was going to happen from one day to the next and for me that was perfect. Being a bit of a control freak, Nik couldn’t have planned it any better. She took me to an amazing healer, who healed the scar in my heart, I meditated, I learned to pray, I learned to let go, I learned to trust the Universe, to ask for help when I needed……I learned so much about myself. I was purified in holy water and WOW! When I got out of that holy water I felt sensational. I sat in a cave with Nik and several Kings and accepted their gift with gratitude. I WOKE UP.

I wrote letters of apology to myself and to people I felt I had hurt in the past. I released anger in those letters too. I released a lot and gained a lot of peace. I really wasn’t aware of these feelings or how much space they were taking up in my life until I wrote letters to these people.

I sat with an amazing Balinese Priestess, who channeled Quan Yin, the Goddess of compassion and for the first time felt truly loved, nourished, held, whole. I will never forget that day. I have the Goddess Quan Yin tattooed on my arm. Several years ago she kept coming up in my readings whilst I was using a set of Goddess cards. I decided she was giving me a sign and I knew I yearned for more compassion in my life so I had her tattooed on my right arm as a reminder. Thing is the Priestess channeling Quan Yin had no idea I had this tattoo as my shoulders and arms were covered. I had no idea she was channeling her either. All I knew is that when she started chanting and when she touched me I started sobbing. I let the tears flow and boy did they flow….I cried mostly because for the first time I felt loved, nourished, held…I felt as if I belonged, I felt part of something bigger. Such an amazing day.

On my final day with Nik we went to a very Holy beach and did ceremony. It was here I made a commitment to myself. I crossed another line and I know there will be more to come but this was a biggie. I didn’t know at the time but Nik had been gearing me up for this throughout the whole journey. You see for years I had been aware my heart was closed. Countless Yoga teachers had told me in certain poses that I found difficult, “You need to open your heart.” On this day, on this holy beach, after spinning in an energy portal (yes I did this too on the beach) and letting go and just spinning and going with it, my heart truly opened. Nik and I were standing in the water and praying together and I felt it, I really felt it open. I said to Nik, “ Hey Nik, my heart just opened. I felt it.” Her reply with a great big smile, “Well that was the point.” We hugged and then were wiped out by a crashing wave. We burst out laughing and I thought what a perfect way to end or start a new journey.

I have so much love and gratitude for this amazing woman, mother, friend, sister. Just being in her energy is enough for me to want to lift up my game, to meet her at the same level. She has a great gift and is more than willing to share it with us in deep compassion and love. I am so blessed to have journeyed with Nik, one on one and can’t wait for more journeys in the future. - Krissy McMorrow

Krissy McMorrow

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