Soul Immersions Bali

I am offering only 2 more Soul Immersions before I transition into High Priestess in 2017.  
January and April dates available.

Come spend 7 days (6 nights) on a Soul Immersion, in my home, immersed in full activation of your power on this soul journey.  This is for a truly ripe individual.  We are going to go deep and hold nothing back.  You must be ready for this on a human level.  You will be able to do this, for that I know.

How do I know, I will have a meeting with your higher self during the application process and it will be very clear if this is part of your journey.  You are either at a point in your evolution where you can surrender, let go and allow me to guide you ever so gracefully into fulfilling your karmic contract of this incarnation or not.                  (Divine time is very clear).

This is a huge undertaking from me.  But it seems it is my destiny, my service and my path.  

My time right now is very precious.  I don't have many spare minutes.  Everything is purposeful, divinely guided and seriously approached.  Each journey is uniquely and personally arranged.  Each day we travel within and often throughout Bali.  It's a magical profound journey.

If you feel a calling then you need to apply.  The cost will include everything from when you walk through my property gates; our soul contract awaits.  

Apply Now for an Immersion