Sacred Soul Journey - Bali 2016

Nicole Phoenix Starr (Durgaji) - 2016 Retreat

Come spend 5 days with Durgaji, immersed in full activation of your 'Shakti' power in this soul journey.  This really is not for the fair hearted.  This is for the truly committed.  We are going to go deep and hold nothing back.  You must be ready for this on a human level.  You will be able to do this, for that I know. How do I know, I will have a meeting with your higher self during the application process and it will be very clear if this is part of your journey.  You are either at a point in your evolution where you can surrender, let go and allow me to guide you ever so gracefully into fulfilling your karmic contract of this incarnation...or not.  (Divine time is very clear).

The Ancient Wisdom within you will be awoken.  The Remembering of our Womb Wisdom.  Sacred Ceremony in the Temple.  Purification Process.  Activating Shakti Energy.

A beautiful Journey walking the Divine Feminine.

I will guide you through 5 days of the most potent soul remembering.


What is Shakti ?

The earliest term applied to the divine feminine was Shakti. The word Shakti is used in a variety of ways ranging from its use as a way to illustrate the ultimate primordial creative power, to expressing the capacity of all pure power.

The word 'Shakti' is derived from the root 'shak,' meaning potency or the potential to produce, an assertion of Her inherent creative aptitude. All interpretations of the word 'Shakti' hold common one parameter, Power. Specifically, Shakti means Power, Force and Feminine Energy. She represents the fundamental creative instinct underlying the cosmos, and is the energizing force of all divinity, of every being and every thing. Devotees believe the whole universe to be a manifestation of Shakti, who is also known by her general name Devi, from the Sanskrit root 'div' which means to shine. Awakening your Shakti within is coming into alignment with the Divine Feminine.  The embodiment of Purity, Grace and Love.   Shakti is so strong; she's soft.


What is Bhakti ?

Bhakti comes from the word "Bhaj" which means 'to be devoted to'. It is pure unselfish love mixed with reverence.

Bhakti is the basis of all spiritual life. Bhakti destroys desires and egoism. Bhakti elevates the mind to magnanimous heights. Bhakti is the master-key to open the chambers of wisdom. Bhakti begins in two and ends in one. 

Devotion is the seed. Faith is the root. Service of Bhagavatas is the shower. Self-surrender is the flower. Communion with the Lord is the fruit. This is the path of Bhakti Yoga.

Shakti Bhakti.

With an open heart and a humble attitude the great secrets of the Devi can be revealed, propelling us along the path to enlightenment and self realisation.

           By you this universe is borne, 
                  By you this world is created, 
                       O Devi, by you it is protected.

These Journeys are very very sacred.  There are only 5 spots available on each retreat.  The work is potent and deep.   It's very intimate work that Durgaji is offering for the first time.  A culmination of her time spent with Gurus, taking the initiation of the Ancient White Tantra lineage and the Grace of Seva to the Divine.  The 10 Goddesses were awoken within her and now as the awakened Living Goddess; she is Durgaji. If you feel called and ready to journey into Shakti Bhakti or Shambhala; fill out the application form below.  Pricing and payment options are at the bottom of the page.  
What's included?
Private room in Luxury Accommodation. Meals, Transport within the retreat.  Temple donations and offerings
What's NOT included?
Flights to Bali. Visa costs or airport transfer. (Visa on Arrival can be purchased after landing on Bali and transport out front).

Application for Shakti Bhakti Retreat 2016

If you need more information, request a Skype Call with Durgaji

A Direct Deposit in an Australian Bank Account Option is available on request for payment of any Journey

Cancellation Policy: does not provide refunds on any purchases.  All payments and deposits are final, however transferable to other Events and/or Products. Seven days notice of cancellation and transfer before the Event must be given.