Nicole Phoenix Starr in Australia.

On the beautiful Sunshine Coast:  Saturday 11 July and Sunday 12 July 2015
On the Gorgeous Gold Coast, Saturday 18 July and Sunday 19 July 2015
This is a journey for those Courageous enough to Step up, Show up and Dive in !!!

I came to Australia for the first time last year sharing my offering, it was a stunning success.
I am so excited to be bringing even more with me this time.
You will have a tangible experience of Divine Consciousness.
Processes, meditation, chakra work and energy practise.
Mystery, enchantment and probably a lot of laughs, with a possible few tears. Bless.
Shakti Bhakti is a new component that I will be sharing.
As well as the aspects of Grace ~ the Living Goddess and the Divinity of the Wom(b)an.
If this event is 'Calling You' ~ Then consider yourself Called.
The Divine Plan always has it covered. 
This I KNOW !!! 
Faith and Trust are the Path.

Saturday from 10am to 8pm
(From 5pm we will be at the beach.  Doing energy practise, I will be opening energy portals, it will be mind blowing).
Sunday from 9am to 4pm
 Lunch is included both days


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